Welcome to COEL

(Collective Cellular Computing Project)

COEL is a web-based chemistry and complex network simulation framework. COEL's most prominent features include ODE-based simulations of chemical reaction networks and multicompartment reaction networks, with rich options for user interactions with those networks. COEL provides DNA-strand displacement transformations and visualization (and is to our knowledge the first CRN framework to do so), GA optimization of rate constants, expression validation, an application-wide plotting engine, and SBML/Octave/Matlab export. COEL's visually pleasing and intuitive user interface, simulations that run on a large computational grid, reliable database storage, and transactional services make it ideal for collaborative research and education.
Besides chemical reaction networks, COEL provides a unified and extendible environment for the definition and manipulation of complex Boolean and real-valued networks.

COEL framework is built on Grails, Spring, Hibernate, and GridGain technology stack.

Brief documentation can be found here.

Have fun!

Try It

We provide a free account for selected research teams. If you wish to collaborate in the areas of (bio)chemical computing, reservoir computing, or neural networks, please contact us or register.

We are also looking for beta testers and web designers to help us preparing the next 0.9.0 release. For bug reporting, request a Jira account here. Your feedback is valuable for us!


Peter Banda
Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
University of Luxembourg
Teuscher Lab
Portland State University